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Upon approach a well maintained frontage with eye-catching hanging baskets and classically engraved windows welcomes the uninitiated, oblivious to the delights inside. Step inside and be welcomed by the convivial and attentive staff as you become accustomed to the tiny, but homely, single roomed bar. However, this undoubtedly is a diminutive pub so don’t expect to be blessed with a guaranteed seat to park your posterior. A wait at the bar can at busier periods be expected but the aforementioned staff are thankfully experienced in the art of determining the correct order of service.

In accordance with a great number of pubs in Burslem town centre this is an ideal place for ale enthusiasts as the beer is a particular highlight. Six hand-pumps occupy the bar of which three are guests. These are replaced regularly, rich in flavour and hail from a wide range of microbreweries. Of the regulars are Greene King Abbot and the less familiar Jaipur IPA from Thornbridge, a hugely quaffable drink even at 5.9%. Nothing else jumps out regarding any of the other beverages on offer but with such finely kept ale it’s unlikely you need look.  As for food, with this being such a small pub don’t expect anything other than a bag of nuts

The bar is eclectically furnished with a post box and stamp machine furthering the post office theme alluded to by the twin red post boxes either side of the entrance. It can be fascinating searching for the Post Office themed knick knacks as they are not obvious nor over bearing. Dominating mirrors adorn the walls whilst three good sized televisions display all manner of live sports and music. Toilets may be cramped but require no update as they retain the period feel whilst a reasonably sized heated smoking area brings up the rear.

The clientele are a good natured bunch and help contribute to the hospitable mentality of the pub. However, the pub can become contracted with only a few people in especially before and after Port Vale home games (home fans only) often creating a lively, but amiable, atmosphere. Indeed, as is its prime location in the centre of Burslem it is more than likely popular most nights.

As with many of Burslem’s alehouses The Post Office Vaults comes enthusiastically endorsed. Impressive beer and a uniquely themed experience allow this to live long in the memory. Forget the small size and instead revel in it’s huge character and we’re certain you’ll return.